It is the dream of every lady to become pregnant and give birth to her own child. It is great pleasure having a baby under you for nine months. One plans for it from months before and when it gets sure, you feel like you are on the top and everything changes, the world around you changes.

Welcome to a New World! It is the best feeling of the world than any other to get pregnant and have a new life totally dependent on you. You have to change your area, and prefer an easy space as well as every bad habit will cause harm to it. You have to take care of your every activity from morning awakens till the night’s sleep or even after that because everything your baby gets comes from you. So, it is necessarily important to keep and give birth to a healthy child.


There are many Health Essential Pregnancy Tips available on Google or many more but many of those create headache after reading. You should not read or follow everything as it creates clutter, so must follow some famous and important pregnancy tips or ideas essential for first time mothers which suits you and is according to you.


Someone to Look After:

Take Care

Take Care

The just when you come to know that you are pregnant, you have to take care of not only yours but of a new life which is totally dependent on you. Few weeks after pregnancy body gets weak and heavy so it is hard to take care of herself. Though, you have a child under you. You must have someone every time with you, to help you in every small to big basics or needs of daily schedule. Your husband is best but experience is also important so, a lady having experience is good along with your husband (i.e. mom, mother-in-law, aunt or any).

Doctor’s Prescription:

Doctor's Prescription

Doctor’s Prescription

First of all when you come to know about your pregnancy consult to a good Pregnancy Specialist. Get to know every do’s and don’ts about your pregnancy. Note down appointments of regular routine check-ups, vaccines, vitamins, diets and basics needed in paper and follow it strictly without any failure. Always be in touch with Doctor and clear your if’s and buts’ by him/her.

Maintain Time-Table:

Maintain Time-Table

Maintain Time-Table

Make a proper routine just as done in childhood as prescribed by Doctor. From morning to bed everything should be noted as well the check-up dates, doses of meals/medicines and pattern of exercises should also be noted down. For a fit and healthy Baby and Mother, one should strictly follow the routines and maintain time-table.

Healthy Food:

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

One should always take care of their diet during pregnancy. Low diet is harmful as well high diet is also not good for health, so we should balance the diet nutrition’s as suggested by expert. Nuts, Fruits and pulses are always good but should be taken in control. Even-though breakfast, snacks and small meals should be also taken care of.

Regular Exercises:

Exercising Mom

Exercising Mom

Nowadays there are many fitness training center’s for Pregnant Ladies and are also helpful. So you must have a visit there or if it’s not possible learn some easy exercises from experts that you can do on home by your own. Regular exercises help maintaining your fitness. Your body stays fit even after giving birth by good exercises. You can use Bio-Oil for scars or marks of pregnancy.

Easy & Soft Clothing’s:

Easy Clothing

Easy Clothing

It is so important to feel comfortable and easy while you are pregnant. Every cloth whether its dress or your bed-sheets, mattresses, blankets, pillows, etc. Everything should be soft and easy for pregnant lady. There are special stores for Future Moms out or you can check Online Stores for the soft stuff helpful in pregnancy.

Perfect Environment:

Perfect Environment

Perfect Environment

There should be a perfect environment according to the pregnant lady. One must have to take care that there should be no violence of any kind, the room of pregnant lady must be on ground floor (who won’t have lifts), and anything that can harm anyway should not be in the reach. One should also take care of likes and dislikes of the pregnant lady. It concludes that there should be a happy and joyful environment all around the Future Mom.

The most important and helpful tip for the pregnant mothers is to be happy. Have a smile on face from within not for show-off. Do everything joyfully according to you never be tensed or upset.

These are the most important and verified tips for all first time Moms that will definitely help in your first time pregnancy. So have confidence on you and do all aspects perfectly for a healthy child, suggested by doctors, experienced ladies or professionals. Remember one thing no one is as perfect as you for your child so, check and prefer anything by the best of your knowledge for your baby. Create his world with your own hands, with your likes just keep in mind it must be softer and safer for your baby.

Joy and Happiness...

Joy and Happiness…

The feeling of having your own baby in your hands is from out of the world and it can’t be explained. The first look, the first voice which you realize for the first time gives a tremendous joy. Your each and every sacrifice and trouble will lead you to the result of happiness for lifetime. It is the happiness of your own body, your own soul and your own blood. It can’t be replaced by anything.

Every Mom is ideal and best for her child. Never be upset and have trust that you are the very best for your child than anybody other. Always be happy and cheers for life and enjoy as the best result giving tough days have passed giving you joy and happiness for the rest of your life.

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