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 I Me Myself

I Me Myself

Hoping for everyone’s good health and bright future,, this is Harshwardhan Singh. A good and obedient boy according to the society who never disobeys but respects everyone with great honor. My most of the time goes helping others and the rest in helping you by my blogs like Notable Mom and few more.

I was born in the last decade of 19th century in a small town of India and was brought-up in an average family. We were two but I was so close to mom and always liked to study, play or be with mom. Slowly we grew up and now also my mom was one of my best friends to whom I shared lump-sum every secret of friends and school-mates. My mother always taught nice stories with wonderful meanings in spare time that would help us in future. Most of the history and moral stories books of that period were known to me. Now also whenever we get spare time I ask my Mom to narrate a story to me.

Those stories really are helping me throughout my life. The fundamentals were always clear for me and I never got stuck in any minor or major problems b’coz I knew the rights and wrongs from before. In every stage of life my mom was there with me with a positive response and helped me during my bad phases and also saved me from my Dad from being scolded. Just like all, my mom is also” The Best Mom” of this world for me. I am also fond of the dishes and their recipes, which were especially made for me which I liked the most. I have traveled many places and at many restaurants or hotels but never got that taste and flavor.

Being close to mom made me able to make a blog helping every mom of this planet in every stages, right from the beginning of being mother to the edge. Most of the moms not get time to get out and learn or take some knowledge so; in the Internet Age there is no need to make time for going out. You can get all of your knowledge right at your PC screens just by a single click. Not only mine there are many good blogs available so you can choose according to your choice or need. These blogs provide you brief information about the subject and also you can get your questions-answered by experts.

I have a wish to make Mother-Power so strong and powerful, just like they should have proper knowledge about everything that comes before her in life and also the ability to make decisions of her and family. Most of the mothers leave their life totally for their child and family so I have a will to make every mom let live her life her own way with no excuses. They also have their right to fulfill their desire or just they are made up for the maintenance of family and home???